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Insight and perspectives from some of the leaders in California real estate.


Paula Pompa is a seasoned real estate agent with a sound reputation across southern Florida. She found her way into the industry right out of high school when a close friend’s mother offered to fund her real estate education. Upon earning her licensure, Paula began working for a bank’s real estate department. This financial background

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Passionate about helping others, Stephanie Overton has become a top producing agent in the northern metropolitan area of Atlanta. She got her start as a REALTOR® after working in homebuilding for 15 years. “I was in the accounting and purchasing department,” she explains. “So I was in charge of everything relating to building the homes

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Holly Bucco was seeking a new career direction after the birth of her first child. When she enrolled in real estate classes, she quickly discovered an aptitude for the business that perfectly complimented her people skills. Becoming a real estate agent has provided a way to balance family life while building a successful business. Holly’s

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An entrepreneur with a passion for helping people, Phillip Booghier entered the real estate industry after owning several cafes. “They were all located inside office buildings, so during the pandemic I found myself with time to pursue another path,” Phillip explains. Always interested in real estate, he decided to earn his license and hit the

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Patricia Ray Barton (Trisha) has served Central Virginia for the better part of two decades and practically become a part of numerous families along the way. Together with her husband Robert (Rob), this dream team continues to set the real estate industry bar high.Over 20 years ago, when a fractured arm left her unable to

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REALTOR® and brokerage owner, Francois Vassiliades has been passionate about real estate since his days in high school. After graduation, he immediately continued his studies to attain his real estate license, which has led to a career of over 20 years in the industry. Currently the director of his own thriving office in Sydney, NSW,

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Noelle Tietz had built a successful career in the veterinary industry when a friend of the family began urging her to get her Realtor’s license and join her team. “I didn’t think it was for me, at first, because of some bad experiences with agents I’d used in the past,” Noelle recalls. “But she won

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A chance encounter at his college career fair launched mortgage consultant Ashton Caesar’s career as soon as he graduated in 2011. While he never anticipated staying in the mortgage business for long, Ashton ended up having great supervisors who kept him motivated. Before long, he was excelling in his role and loving the opportunity to

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Caring and compassionate toward her clients and the world around her, Holly Sanders offers a comprehensive real estate experience from beginning to end. “I don’t only focus on real estate, I am there for my clients through the entire process—before and after,” Holly explains. Before embarking on her real estate career, Holly went to school

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As a two-time national women’s surfing champion, Erica K. Amundson knows a thing or two about the importance of making good choices. In surfing and in life, the difference between success and failure often comes down to knowing which wave to catch.Take her choice of career. After moving from her home state of Wisconsin and

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