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Insight and perspectives from some of the leaders in California real estate.


Tuesdee Davis of Morristown, Tennessee, grounds her real estate business on a dedication to stresslessness, communicative transparency, and tight knit community. “I will do anything and everything that I can do to make buying or selling a home easier for my clients. I treat them like family – that’s just who I am.”Originally, Tuesdee attended

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Theresa Marrocco started in the real estate business when she was young, while her father was one of the largest developers in the state of Michigan. After Theresa graduated high school, she immediately began working alongside him, learning the skills and knowledge of building and development. After the 2008 housing market crash, Theresa opened up

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Cassie Hollis started real estate in 2003 when she moved from Mississippi to Chattanooga. Initially starting on the admin side with Realty Center, the company she still represents today, Cassie worked her way to the top to become an independent real estate agent. After twenty years in the industry with experience from administrative work to

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Investing in real estate is a challenge in itself, but managing units and the tenants that occupy them can bring a whole new level of concern. Pamela Parrino witnessed this firsthand when she began investing in properties at a young age. She put a considerable amount of time and effort into ensuring her investments were

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Kat Laxague’s talent for real estate was apparent from the very beginning. She produced over $4 million in sales during her first year, and hasn’t slowed down since. When it comes to working hard, Kat never hesitates, always wanting to push herself to reach new heights. “I was raised by a single mom, and started

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Dan AmaroTaking a risk in a new career as an inspector sparked an unknown interest in Real Estate. Twelve months after reading Rich Dad Poor Dad and listening to every Bigger Pockets Podcast,Dan figured out a way to creatively purchase an investment property. It was through that process Dan realized he found his new career

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Sherife Olmez of Melbourne, Victoria, brings a nurturing demeanor to her dual career in property management and real estate sales. “We’ve seen tremendous growth after the pandemic, as Melbournians moved from the city center and started working remotely, we’ve had to stay flexible. Our Biggin & Scott team has a regional office as well as

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Kyle McCaw is a passionate real estate broker and property manager based out of Texas. He’s dedicated to helping his community build wealth through the power of real estate investment.Kyle’s passion began during his days at Texas A&M University and has only grown since then. Following graduation, he purchased several investment properties, with his first

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Sarah Bordelon.Not only is Texas living a big change from New York living, but Property Management is quite different from Sarah’s earlier work in fashion design. Sarah was encouraged to obtain her real estate license and was snatched up by 3G Properties Group of Keller Williams Realty. 3G Properties Group was growing their Flower Mound

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Leslie Boswell of Midland, Texas, has seamlessly adapted to being thrust into the spotlight two years ago, becoming the sole business owner of Boswell & Associates. “My emphasis for your readers would be: have your succession plans! Know who’s going to take over the brokerage if something were to happen. We were able to transition

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