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Insight and perspectives from some of the leaders in California real estate.

Agents with Heart

A pivotal question we pose to featured agents in Top Agent Magazine is, ‘Tell us about your community involvement.’ This query holds immense significance, not only as a benchmark for nominees but also as a crucial factor contributing to the success and prestige of top agents.Top Agent Magazine agents with heart defines community involvement based

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The Making of a Top Agent

In the hustle and bustle of Real Estate lies artistry and skill honed by top-producing industry leaders. What is it that makes specific agents stand out for their success? As we glimpse into the unparalleled success of Top Agents, we find them comparable to an intricately woven tapestry of devotion, strategy, and skill, enabling these

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Top real estate agent in Southern California Susan Cosentino of Malibu, California, fuels a thriving real estate business by combining her penchant for personable connection with decades of industry expertise and a work ethic honed by years of balancing her dynamic and competitive field all while raising six children, “Being a multi-tasker is my baseline.

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Top real estate agent in North Carolina Kelly Peedin of Hampstead, North Carolina, fuels a blossoming real estate career by prioritizing candid communication, frequent community engagement, and other people’s needs. “You don’t have to be in service or healthcare to make a difference in someone else’s life. You just have to listen, be present, and

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How Not to Lose a client in 10 days

While we won’t be serenading a Carly Simon song or tugging on the heartstrings of a Hollywood heartthrob, we will be sharing ten essential tips for agents, the key pitfalls to avoid and the most common mistakes agents make that can cost them a client. Whether you are a new agent or seasoned veteran in

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In the vast tapestry of the real estate world, top real estate agent in Ontario Robert Di Matteo stands out as a maestro of connections. Transitioning seamlessly from a 27-year tenure in an executive account management role with a national organization, Robert effortlessly blends his former client-focused approach into his present interactions as a seasoned

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Hanifa McGaffie’s journey into the world of Atlanta real estate is a testament to the power of seizing opportunities and following one’s passions. Her vibrant personality and unwavering commitment to her clients have made her a standout figure in the industry. With more than a decade of experience, top real estate agent in Georgia Hanifa

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Top real estate agent in Ontario Andrew Enofe was born and raised in Nigeria but migrated to Canada over two decades. He arrived in Canada as a minor all alone with no family, friends, or relatives. Facing him, was a daunting task of survival. Needless to say, it was a hard, difficult, and perilous time.

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Tory Tarsitano, CRMS, has a reputation. In an industry that has seen its share of boom and bust over the last 20 years, he’s the guy who still has the same phone number.“When the crash came down,” he says, “I never left for a single day. People always ask me how I made it through

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A challenging home-buying experience as a young adult set the stage for Angelique Ahmad’s inspiring journey to become a Highly-Regarded Real Estate Agent. “I purchased a home and wasn’t happy with my experience,” Angelique explains. “So eventually, my curiosity led me down different rabbit holes and got me to the point of saying, ‘why don’t

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