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For Eric Millstein, entering the real estate industry was an easy decision. Eric focuses on and has found great success at the South Jersey Shore (Margate City, Ventnor City, Longport, and surrounding areas), as well as with his international business in Costa Rica. “My grandfather and mother were in real estate, so I’ve always been

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Vinny Carlesi had an early interest in real estate, and he has sales in his blood. “I’ve always been a big sales person, and my dad has been in sales his whole life, so I have a background with that,” Vinny says. “I really liked the whole process of housing and house-hunting, so when I

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Rovena gained a wealth of experience working in the marketing department at Wells Fargo financial. She started her real estate journey selling foreclosures and then moved on to a full-service provider for investors. As her client database grew, she started her own business as a full-time real estate agent. She’s been at it since 2008,

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Karen Marshall knows that maintaining relationships is a key to success in real estate, and she’ll nurture those relationships for a long time, always keeping a strong work ethic. “I just had lunch with the very first developer that I started with 32 years ago,” she tells Top Agent. “I just sold another property for

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Cecelia Abedi is an innovative real estate agent with an entrepreneurial spirit. Her “organically grown” business is thriving, likely due to her personable client approach and ambition. Cecelia shares how her background in sales eventually led her to the real estate industry. While visiting Cuba with a friend, she began strategizing for the future. The

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When Jaz Chand’s children were very young she found she did not wish to go back to work in the corporate world. A suggestion about how she would do well in real estate sparked her interest. She has now completed 18 years in this way of life where instead of focusing on numbers, she focuses

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In the central coast of California, Greg Heath’s career as a real estate agent has skyrocketed. It was a friend who encouraged Greg to enter this field, after the large corporation he worked for underwent a tumultuous acquisition. “I had always worked for big companies, but after being laid off, I started considering other paths,”

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Top Agent Sharon Rizzo began her illustrious real estate career more than 30 years ago. Previously, she worked as a spokesmodel and as an audiologist at the University of Chicago. Her husband, who had the opportunity to work with a large developer (American Invsco Corp), specialized in turning rental apartments into condos. It was at

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Auria Roman knows her way around real estate. From Construction to Lending, she’s done it all. “It’s been in my blood,” she says, “lending, the family business, construction. I can wire your whole house. My dad was an electrician and I picked it up.” Her family was in construction for over 40 years, so she

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Bolstered by her over 20 years of experience in building materials, when the Realtor® she was working with offered Jennifer a job at the brokerage, it was a strong choice. After six years as the operations manager, leveraging her sales, marketing and financial background, she made the move to get her license. She missed sales

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