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Why 2023 Will Be One of The Best Years Ever to Invest in Multifamily

Investing in apartment buildings may seem like a big jump to everyday real estate investors. Mom and pop landlords—used to buying single-family houses or duplexes—may see apartment buildings as far outside their reach. And this, for the most part, has been true over the past two years. With high competition, equally high prices, and syndication

By |2022-07-12T16:14:47-07:00July 11th, 2022|Industry News|

The “Conveyor Belt” System That’ll Build You a BIG Rental Portfolio Quickly

Multifamily investing is a bit different than other types of residential real estate investing. When the economy begins to shift, and a recession is looming, multifamily real estate tends to drop in price. But, at the same time, more renters need a place to stay, or more importantly, an affordable place to stay, making multifamily

By |2022-07-07T09:57:28-07:00July 6th, 2022|Industry News|

BiggerNews July: Rich Dad’s CPA on How ANY Investor Can Avoid Taxes in 2022

Everyone wonders how the rich avoid taxes. To most Americans, it seems like there is some big loophole that only the mega-wealthy know about, leaving average workers strapped with a large tax bill. Are the ultra-wealthy cheating the tax code, or are they onto something that everyday Americans simply don’t know about? Tom Wheelwright, author

By |2022-07-05T09:53:26-07:00July 4th, 2022|Industry News|

Brandon Turner’s 4-Step “Viral” Formula That’ll Bring You Deals TODAY

To real estate investors and real estate investing enthusiasts, Brandon Turner is a household name. Not only has he written one of the most successful real estate investing books ever published (The Book on Rental Property Investing), but he also pioneered the real estate podcasting, social media, and blogging space. Funny to think that only

By |2022-06-30T09:50:25-07:00June 29th, 2022|Industry News|
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