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Alex Hormozi on The “Weak Links” That Will Make Anyone a Millionaire

In this article Alex Hormozi is quite literally the one hundred-million-dollar man. If you haven’t heard of Alex before, prepare to have your mind blown wide open. He’s the poster child for entrepreneurialism on the internet, founding multiple eight and nine-figure businesses, including his current venture that does over $150M per year in revenue. He’s

By |2022-08-16T09:53:32-07:00August 15th, 2022|Industry News|

Got a Need for Leads? Use This Opener to Earn Trust in 5 Seconds (or Less!)

In this article Everyone wants more real estate leads. It doesn’t matter if you’re an agent, investor, flipper, or mortgage broker. The more prospective buyers and sellers, the better. But what happens when you finally get those leads? Maybe you’re cold calling, meeting for coffee, or linking up at the property. What do you say

By |2022-08-11T09:52:58-07:00August 10th, 2022|Industry News|

Building Wealth Like Warren Buffett & Lessons Learned from Billionaires

In this article Every investor has wondered how to invest like Warren Buffett. He’s arguably the best stock trader of all time—preaching the fundamentals of investing in equities, something that most modern-day investors seem to forget. We’re seeing the same thing in the real estate industry. With a runup of home prices and stock prices

By |2022-08-09T09:50:33-07:00August 8th, 2022|Industry News|

Seeing Greene: Will Borrowing Money from Family Ruin Your Real Estate Deal?

In this article Should you borrow money from your family? It could hurt your relationship if the deal goes wrong, but strengthen an existing partnership if everything goes right. Maybe a better question—how should you start raising private capital for your real estate deals? When it comes to the debt vs. equity debate, which makes

By |2022-08-07T09:57:32-07:00August 6th, 2022|Industry News|

15 Rentals in 1 Year (While Running 3 Businesses!) by Putting Time First

In this article Vacation rentals, real estate agent commissions, brokerage fees, insurance quotes, and everything in between just start to scratch the surface of who Christian Bachelder is. Some of you may have seen Christian before on our YouTube channel where he talks about interest rates, loan products, and other future financing projections. But today,

By |2022-07-28T09:51:56-07:00July 27th, 2022|Industry News|
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