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What’s the Best City for Renters?

A recent study ranked U.S. cities for renters based on cost of living and housing, the local economy, and quality of life.Many factors need to be considered when deciding where to rent a home, including costs and quality of life. With remote work now an option for more workers, how does a renter decide where

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A World Without Airbnb & Why “Sinking” Could Cause Your Insurance to Skyrocket

In This Article Airbnb bans escalate, a “tsunami” could be coming for this real estate niche, and “sinking” cities lead to skyrocketing insurance prices. The housing market changes every week, so we’re here to break down the headlines and sift through the hype so you know what could impact YOU. Dave Meyer and the entire

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These Are the Passive Investments I’m Most Excited About Right Now

In This Article As an expat and recovering landlord, I love hands-off investing. I’ve invested in over two dozen real estate syndications as a limited partner (LP). I effectively become a silent partner and fractional owner in a large property, getting all the benefits of ownership—cash flow, appreciation, and tax advantages—without becoming a landlord.  But

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Loan Modifications Are Bringing 3% Interest Rates Back, Even for Residential Real Estate

In This Article Key Takeaways Loan modifications are skyrocketing, giving investors the ability to modify their loans and get lower interest rates, with some companies touting 2% rate offerings.Approximately $22 billion in loans were modified in the past 12 months ending May 31, with over $9 billion in loans modified in 2024 through May. The

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Biden Proposes Rent Increase Limits, With Penalties for Landlords Who Don’t Listen

In This Article Key Takeaways In his new proposal, Biden is calling on Congress to pass legislation to either cap rent increases on existing units at 5% or risk landlords losing valuable federal tax breaks.The proposal also targets housing in Nevada, looking to add 15,000 affordable housing units.It comes amid a major price-fixing case involving

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Can Urban Design Have a Gender? In This Vienna District, the Answer Is Yes.

On a sunny afternoon this spring, Eva Kail stood outside the gleaming subway station in Aspern Seestadt, a sprawling planned community in northeast Vienna that she essentially manifested from an idea into a real place.Eva Kail in Vienna, where she pioneered the urban design concept of gender mainstreaming during her 30-year career, spearheading dozens of

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Why Fixing Up Your House Can Help It Sell Faster

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$400,000 Homes in Oklahoma, Alabama and Nebraska

A Tudor Revival home in Oklahoma City, a two-bedroom condominium in a converted 1869 warehouse in Mobile and a 1915 American Foursquare house in Omaha.Sarah Strunk PhotographySarah Strunk PhotographySarah Strunk PhotographySarah Strunk PhotographySarah Strunk PhotographySarah Strunk PhotographySarah Strunk PhotographySarah Strunk PhotographySarah Strunk PhotographyOklahoma City | $399,000A 1926 Tudor Revival house with three bedrooms and two

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