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Top Lenders Share “Good News” for Mortgage Rates + Trending Investor Loans

In This Article We may be close to some serious mortgage rate relief, according to today’s panel of top lenders. With interest rates finally starting to slide after cooling inflation and lackluster job growth, investors are gaining hope that we could see more affordable mortgage rates resurface after a very harsh past two years. So,

By |2024-05-27T06:53:20-07:00May 26th, 2024|Industry News|

Should You Pay Off Your Rental Property, Reinvest, or Buy More in 2024?

In This Article If you’re like most investors, you’ve probably asked yourself, “Should I pay off my rental property early?” With today’s high mortgage rates, troublesome inflation, low inventory, and risky economy, many investors don’t know whether it’s the right move to pay off their mortgage, reinvest in their properties, or go out and buy

By |2024-05-23T06:52:25-07:00May 22nd, 2024|Industry News|

These “Subtle Risks” Could Have Astronomical Impacts on Real Estate Expenses w/John Sheffield

In This Article Owning real estate could get expensive—yes, even more expensive than it already is today. Insurance prices, property taxes, maintenance costs, and more are going through the roof, and there isn’t much stopping these costs from jumping even more. What’s accelerating the rise in these upkeep costs? Hotter summers, colder winters, and more

By |2024-05-20T06:53:30-07:00May 19th, 2024|Industry News|

Squatters’ Rights: What Lawyers Want Landlords to Know in 2024 w/Denise Medina and Patrick MacQueen

In This Article Squatters’ rights have been a serious subject of debate over the past few years. It seems that more and more investors and even one-off landlords are dealing with squatters staying in their homes, whether they’ve had a lease in the past or not. This puts landlords in a strange predicament: try to

By |2024-05-13T06:52:31-07:00May 12th, 2024|Industry News|

How “Switching Costs” Hold the Housing Market in Limbo w/Lance Lambert

In This Article The housing market has seen unprecedented home price growth in the 2020s. Already, we’ve almost beat the past three decades, and we aren’t even halfway through our own. And now, with home price growth slowing, many people wonder how we’re still in a position of high housing costs and low inventory. The

By |2024-05-09T06:52:35-07:00May 8th, 2024|Industry News|

What to Know About “Capital Calls” As Multifamily Syndications Get “Squeezed” w/Brian Burke and Mauricio Rauld

In This Article Multifamily syndications are getting squeezed. With short-term financing coming due and mortgage rates at multi-decade highs, syndicators are calling on their original investors to raise more money so they don’t lose the deal. The problem? If you’re an investor, how do you know if your additional investment will ever be returned? Could

By |2024-05-06T06:53:47-07:00May 5th, 2024|Industry News|

Home Prices Stagnate in The South and America’s New #1 Housing Market

In This Article Texas and Florida are seeing stagnating home prices as housing inventory booms while demand slips away. Housing is still expensive, but with more inventory, why is it staying that way? While the southern states catch their breath from the unprecedented demand of 2020 – 2022, a new housing market is taking control

By |2024-05-02T09:51:31-07:00May 1st, 2024|Industry News|

Receivership Real Estate: The Hidden Inventory Only Experts Know About w/Jake Flothe

In This Article When housing inventory is low, where do you go? Foreclosure rates are down, short sales are a hassle, and the open housing market has barely any sellers—is there a better way to find deals? Yes! Enter real estate receivership—the hidden housing inventory that our own James Dainard has been using for years

By |2024-04-29T09:50:42-07:00April 28th, 2024|Industry News|

The New Reform That Could Unlock $1B+ for Affordable Housing w/Sharon Cornelissen

In this article America is in need of affordable housing; we’re all aware. Buying your first home has become increasingly challenging for everyday people. This is where housing subsidies come in. Federal housing subsidies were created over ninety years ago to help Americans get into the housing market and strengthen the economy, but in 2024,

By |2024-04-25T09:51:15-07:00April 24th, 2024|Industry News|
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