Want to make real estate more fun for you and your clients? Check out Darryl Davis’ ideas for spring-themed gifts.

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Spring is right around the corner and it’s a great time to “plant” seeds of appreciation with your past clients with what you may know as pop-bys (and which we call Smile Stops). These are just little opportunities to connect with past clients by stopping by, offering a small gift of some kind and making a memorable moment for you and them.

What I love most about this practice is that it not only puts a smile on the face of your clients, but it helps you have a little more fun in your business and enjoy more of the moments as well. After all, we all could use a little more fun these days, right? 

Here’s what SMILE stands for: 

  • S: Service (focus on service, not selling)
  • M: Meet face-to-face
  • I: Invite them to share their needs by asking questions
  • L: Leave behind a token of gratitude
  • E: Elevate the relationship

Spring into these seasonal pop-bys

Spring offers a lot of holidays that are perfect for crafting your pop-bys. Here are seven spring-themed ideas to help you bring a little sunshine to your clients:

National Oreo Day (Mar. 6): Gift a package of Double-Stuf to five great clients and a note:

“Happy National Oreo Day! Just like knowing the best way to enjoy an Oreo, understanding the real estate market inside and out makes all the difference. Thank you for allowing me to be your guide!”

St. Patrick’s Day (Mar. 17): Gift small shamrock-themed bags with packages of Skittles, with a note:

“Like rainbows, great clients are hard to find. Thank you for being mine!”

National Puppy Day (Mar. 23): Share a small package of dog treats or a toy for their furry friend, with a note:

“Paws-ing to thank you for your trust and referrals!”

National Gardening Day (Apr. 14): Gift a small potted plant or flower seeds with a note:

Thank you for helping my business GROW. Wishing you a happy National Gardening Day! I’m here to help answer any questions about what this ‘season’ in real estate means to you!”

Earth Day (Apr. 22): Offer a reusable tote bag filled with eco-friendly goodies and a message:

“Happy Earth Day! Sustaining our planet, and your real estate needs, with care!”

Mother’s Day (May 12): Offer a small bouquet of flowers, or a beautifully scented candle, with a note:

Celebrating the gift of moms in our community this week and all they do to make a house a home! Thank you for all you do! I appreciate you!”

National Donut Week (May 18-26): Deliver a dozen fresh and fun donuts to five favorite clients with a note:

“Do-NOT worry about any of your real estate questions or needs! I’ve got you! Happy Donut Week!”

Making connections that last

This strategy is not just about gifts; it’s about showing genuine appreciation and reinforcing the value you place on each client relationship. Spring is a season of renewal and what better way to renew your connections than by making your clients smile?

Have fun with these and get creative about finding new ways to touch base with past clients that don’t feel salesy or make it all about you. My business partner always tells me before I go onstage for a speaking engagement to have fun. She says, “When you have fun, they’ll have fun.” She’s right.

The same advice is good for you every time you meet with a past client or even a prospect. People want to work with people who are uplifting, engaging and positive. Actively create those experiences for them.

There’s a lot about this business, this industry, right now that is not fun, but we do have some control over how we present and project ourselves to the people we interact with. Go have fun. Make some memories. Create connections. 

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