Twenty participants in the new program will not have to pay Doss’ normal $15,000 franchise fee, though they will have to commit to growing their businesses.

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Doss, a technology- and artificial intelligence-focused real estate company, has announced a new “accelerator” program that will let industry professionals start up franchises without having to pay a conventional franchise fee.

A statement from the company describes the program as “groundbreaking” and explains that it’ll waive Doss’ normal $15,000 franchise fee for 20 would-be franchisees. Applicants will still have to pay “a nominal $2,500 administrative fee to cover setup costs and training,” the statement notes, and will need to meet a variety of criteria such as having $25,000 in cash reserves and being ready to start operations by Aug. 31.

Other requirements to qualify for the program include setting up an office within a year and a half and committing to recruiting between 30 and 50 agents within the first year of operations.

Bobby Bryant

Doss co-founder and CEO Bobby Bryant said in the statement that the program “is not just about owning a real estate franchise; it’s about becoming part of a movement.”

“We believe that everyone should have access to this opportunity, support, systems, and technological tools needed to thrive in any real estate market,” Bryant continued. “By offering the first 20 franchises at no charge to a qualified and select group of professionals, we’re leveling the playing field by inviting capable and passionate individuals to become part of our mission to evolve the real estate industry.”

The statement goes on to describe Doss as an AI-powered real estate brokerage that uses a flat-fee model. The company also operates in the mortgage space and maintains an in-house technology development division, among other things. According to the statement, Doss has received backing from both Amazon and Google.

In 2017, the company released Ask Doss, which was a voice-powered home search tool. A newer version that integrated ChatGPT-4, dubbed Ask Doss 2.0, debuted last year. The launch made Doss part of a wave of real estate companies that moved quickly to integrate the latest artificial intelligence into their offerings.

Doss is somewhat unique, however, in that it is both a technology company and a franchisor. Other companies have, of course, kept feet in both worlds; notably Keller Williams has been describing itself as a technology company for years now, and Compass is known for its tech but has flirted with franchising. But Doss — which started franchising in 2022 — has evolved in a different direction, starting first with tech and then branching out into more traditional real estate endeavors.

Doss’ new franchise accelerator is available in 28 states and Washington, D.C. According to the statement, applications are due by May 10.

“We’re looking for driven individuals,” Bryant concluded, “who share our vision for the future of real estate and are ready to seize this opportunity to make a meaningful impact in their communities.”

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