Find out what Rockette Realtor Jessie Crouch can teach you about standing up for yourself and your clients.

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In this column, real estate agents across the nation share stories of the lessons they’ve learned during their time in the industry.

As a real estate agent, you always have to be on your toes. For Jessie Crouch, however, that’s a little more literal. Known as The Rockette Realtor, this member of the world-famous Radio City Rockettes spends her time leading buyers through some of New York City’s most beautiful luxury spaces.

After moving to New York City from her small California hometown at 20 years old, Crouch went on to join the Rockettes and, subsequently, earn her real estate license. Learn more about her business, and be sure to follow her adventures (of both the real estate and show biz varieties) on Instagram.

Name: Jessie Crouch

Title: Licensed real estate salesperson

Experience: 5 years in real estate

Location: New York City

Brokerage name: Elegran | Forbes Global Properties

Sales volume: $10,000,000+

What’s one big lesson you’ve learned in real estate?

You need to advocate for yourself. In real estate, you will deal with agents with an array of different personalities, some that are stronger than others.

In the beginning of my career, I would avoid conflict but quickly realized it’s necessary to speak up, especially if your client’s needs aren’t being met. Nowadays, I still don’t enjoy confrontation, but I won’t shy away from the necessary conversations that need to be had to get a deal done.

What’s the best advice you ever got?

If you’re not 5 minutes early, you’re late!

What would you tell a new agent before they start out in the business?

Really take the time to find the right brokerage for you. Be honest with yourself about what you need as far as support goes. At the end of the day, you’re hiring the brokerage just as much as they’re hiring you.

If you could do anything other than real estate, what would it be?

I am doing that other thing: dancing with the Radio City Rockettes! My story is unique because I started dancing professionally 12 years ago and then decided to get my real estate license.

The beauty of real estate is you get to create your own schedule so you can make the time to pursue other passions. 

Tell us about your most memorable transaction

I am currently working with a foreign buyer who wants to purchase in The Plaza Hotel, site unseen. After a full day of FaceTime tours, he decided to submit an all-cash offer on a unit at full asking price, but he wanted the furniture included (estimated value was $45,000).

The seller countered over the asking price which ended up completely killing the deal.

Heartbreaking to say the least, but a failed deal is always a great opportunity to reflect on what could have been done differently and to refine my approach for future transactions.

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