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2015 Forecast: Millennials Overtake Gen X (1)

12/17/14 •

In recent years, Millennials have been considered absent from the real estate market – even taking flak at times for what some would consider a burden on the economy. 2015, however is expected to bring with it some surprises as they’re predicted to be the largest group of homebuyers.  Recently, the experts over at Zillow […]

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We’re Five Years Old & Celebrating with a Call for Contributors (6 Comments)

We just hit a major milestone- turning five years. In the online world – this is probably the same as dog years, which makes us 35 years old in online counting! Well – it feels that way! Why – because we have become an established California real estate destination.


5 Tips to Prepare You for 2015 (1)

12/15/14 •

The New Year will soon be upon us, and while 2014 may not have been as promising as many had hoped for, the year did provide us with countless new trends and technologies, along with an ever changing market. What does 2015 have in store for us, you might ask? Unfortunately no one really knows […]

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Can the Middle Class Really Afford Homeownership in California? (1)

12/11/14 •

Since the price run-ups of early 2013, affordability has been a major hamper for the real estate market nationwide – inhibiting the ability of would-be buyers to afford new homes regardless of city, state or region. Of course some markets have been hit harder than others, and in the same respect some markets have bounced […]

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How Much Down Payment do you Really Need to Buy a House? (2)

12/09/14 •

By Sandy Flores, Broker Santa Ana College, Community Services Program Saving for a down payment is an important step in becoming financially prepared for homeownership, and there are options and opportunities for financing a home purchase that will allow the borrower to come with little or No Down Payment. For most first-time home buyers, coming […]

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Hard Money Lenders: the Loan Sharks of Real Estate? (1)

12/04/14 •

Contributed story from: Arcstone Real Estate Lenders The term “hard money lenders” – which has been around since the 1920s – sounds like an ominous group of credit collectors visiting your doorstep if you don’t pay up, when in truth, the modern private lender in today’s real estate news is an American corporate identity that […]

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