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Mortgage Applications Soar as Rates Continue to Fall (1)

1/28/15 •

Mortgage rates have continued to decline throughout the year so far, defying forecasts and breaking into lows rarely seen before, but now many experts are left asking the question: how long can it last? Regardless, many homebuyers as well as owners have been seizing the opportunity in front of them as loan applications soar, giving […]

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We’re Five Years Old & Celebrating with a Call for Contributors (6 Comments)

We just hit a major milestone- turning five years. In the online world – this is probably the same as dog years, which makes us 35 years old in online counting! Well – it feels that way! Why – because we have become an established California real estate destination.

SoCal Sales on the Rise as Price Gains Slow (2)

1/26/15 •

We started off this year with record-low mortgage rates, but the good news for brokers and agents across California doesn’t end here! A new report shows that sales across Southern California are on the rise as price gains slow down – the most recent sign that the recovery is still underway, and a positive indicator […]

New Regulations Set to Impact California Homeowners (4)

1/22/15 •

The tradeoff between a more affordable living environment and a greener, more sustainable one isn’t always the easiest decision to make – especially for those on a tight budget. Sure, in many cases you’ll save money in the long run by switching to an energy efficient product, but the initial cost is often enough to […]

Mortgage Rates Reach 20-Month Low (1)

1/20/15 •

With 2015 underway, we’ve recently seen several indicators of a strengthening economy; a decline in unemployment benefit requests, improvements in wages nationwide and an increase in consumer confidence, but the good news just starts here. In fact, the average rate on a fixed 30-year loan hit its lowest point in over 20-months – a welcomed […]

Housing Costs Force Thousands out of California (4)

1/15/15 •

We all know that housing throughout California is some of the most expensive across the nation – but did you realize these high prices have forced hundreds of thousands of low and middle-income workers to relocate to other states? It’s true, and now the state faces a major challenge: how to draw in workers of […]

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