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When is Disclosure too Little, too Much or Just Right? (2)

7/23/14 •

Real estate agents walk a fine line regarding disclosure in meeting their fiduciary responsibility to their clients. The question is when is disclosure too little, too much or just right? The truth is that there are no absolute answers, just common sense practices that an agent can follow to best serve their client and protect […]

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We’re Five Years Old & Celebrating with a Call for Contributors (6 Comments)

We just hit a major milestone- turning five years. In the online world – this is probably the same as dog years, which makes us 35 years old in online counting! Well – it feels that way! Why – because we have become an established California real estate destination.


Foreign Buyers on the Rise in California (1)

7/21/14 •

Did you know that overseas buyers and newcomers to the U.S. accounted for nearly 7% of all U.S. home sales in the last year? We were surprised to see this – among many other interesting statistics – in a recent study by the National Association of Realtors, prompting us to ask our readers, who are […]

RE-Insider interview with Sin-Yi Chao Lambertson (1)

7/18/14 •

We recently interviewed Sin-Yi Chao Lambertson, Broker Associate, with ERA Yes! Real Estate, in Glendora, CA to get her perspective on where the market is headed this summer. Here are excerpts from that interview: 1. Is the summer time usually a good time to sell a house? Late spring to the End of July is […]


6 Tips to Help You Sell This Summer (1)

7/16/14 •

Summer is well underway, and for those of us in the RE industry, this means it’s time to sell. With an expected influx of buyers determined to purchase a home before schools begin in the fall, prices rising and interest rates dropping, we’re likely to see things pick up significantly this summer, but you can […]


Pending Home Sales Surge Nationwide (1)

7/14/14 •

While much of this year has proven to be a bust for those of us in the RE industry, recent waves of good news have been emerging. Lately we’ve seen mortgage rates going down, inventory going up and new jobs being created – all signs that an improving market is on its way – and […]

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