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Mortgage Rates Near Low for Year with 30-year fixed at 4.27% (1)

4/22/14 •

While home sales have been flat for the year, new lower interest rates could spur home sales this spring. Mortgage rates have fallen as the spring home-buying season begins, with Freddie Mac pegging the average 30-year fixed loan at 4.27% this week, the lowest it has been since early February. The average for a 15-year […]

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Fidelity’s Disclosure Source Accuses Agent of Negligence for Relying on Disclosure Source’s Own NHD Report (20 Comments)

We were surprised to learn that Disclosure Source would accuse a Century 21 agent of negligence for using and relying on Disclosure Source’s inaccurate report in a real estate transaction. It’s actually even much worse than that. Here’s the story:

Lawsuits Allege Home Warranty Companies are Deliberately Scamming Homeowners (4)

4/18/14 •

In researching our recent story on home warranty companies “Are you risking your Client Relationships by Recommending a Home Warranty Company” we became aware of several class action lawsuits filed against two of the biggest companies in this space: Old Republic and First American. The actual class action complaints are: Michael D. Friedman vs. Old […]

Investor Activity Plummets in California (0)

4/16/14 •

Over one year ago we saw investors flood the market in record numbers – a practice which brought both good and bad elements to the RE community. On one side, these investors played a major role in driving up home prices, and helping spur the recovery which was well received. On the other end, these […]

Is Another Bubble Forming in Southern California? (1)

4/14/14 •

Last year we witnessed the market make incredible leaps and bounds towards recovery, but more recently there has been a period of cooling as high prices and increasing interest rates have pushed buyers out the of the market. While many experts believe this is just a normal part of the recovery, the lack of affordability […]

SoCal: Home of the Overvalued Market (4)

4/11/14 •

We all know that California can be an expensive place to live, but would you consider it overpriced? According to Trulia, SoCal contains some of the most overvalued markets in the nation – places where housing costs far outpace the growth in income – an alarming fact to both homebuyers and the RE community. In […]

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