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Affordability Shrinks as Mortgage Closing Costs Grow (0)

8/29/14 •

While interest rates remain at historic lows, it’s clear that many would-be homeowners are still struggling to afford homes. Sure, the run-ups of last year have left prices at some of the highest levels we’ve seen since the bubble’s collapse, but are high prices really all that are keeping buyers off the market? Well, you […]

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We’re Five Years Old & Celebrating with a Call for Contributors (6 Comments)

We just hit a major milestone- turning five years. In the online world – this is probably the same as dog years, which makes us 35 years old in online counting! Well – it feels that way! Why – because we have become an established California real estate destination.

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California Holds 5 of Nations Ten Costliest Markets (3)

8/27/14 •

We all know that home-prices have remained flat throughout the year, but the run-ups of 2013 have left the bar at its highest point in years, creating issues of affordability nationwide. This problem is only intensified in California though, as prices remain exceedingly high for a handful of markets throughout the Golden State, putting home […]


New FICO Criteria Eases Affordability (1)

8/25/14 •

Despite the fact that mortgage rates are at historic lows and prices have remained relatively stagnant throughout the year, the market hasn’t been where we had expected by this point in the year. Why? Affordability continues to drive potential buyers out of the market. Just recently though, good news has emerged for agents and brokers […]


Sales Plunge in Southern California (4)

8/22/14 •

Despite mortgage rates at historic lows, affordability has remained a pressing issue for brokers, agents and those trying to buy or sell a home alike. Sure, some improvements have been made throughout the year, but since the price surge of last spring and summer, many would-be buyers have struggled to afford a new home. Unfortunately, […]


8 Household Health Hazards to Avoid during the Selling Process (1)

8/20/14 •

It’s no secret that selling a home can be extremely stressful whether you’re dealing with experienced or first time sellers and most RE agents play an important role in coaching their clients through the process. However, no matter how detail orientated you may be there are still some aspects that can be overlooked without an […]

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