The WeWork founder is selling his marquee New York City apartment, a four-bedroom aerie that overlooks Gramercy Park.

Adam Neumann has been doing some downsizing.

For several years, the maverick co-founder of what was once the most valuable American start-up, WeWork, has been offloading luxury estates almost as prodigiously as he once stockpiled them.

Gone is the 12,000-square-foot manse on 27 Marin County acres with the guitar-shaped living room and three-story water slide. Gone is the Greenwich Village townhouse. Gone, too, are at least one of the chateaux in Westchester County and at least one of the Hamptons getaways. Mr. Neumann owned the properties with his wife, Rebekah Paltrow Neumann.

His wallet has shed some bulk as well. His Forbes net worth, adjusted for inflation, is down 54 percent since 2019 — despite Mr. Neumann’s receipt of a severance package worth hundreds of millions after he left WeWork, the co-working company he led to the brink of collapse. (He is still, however, worth a respectable $2.3 billion, up from $1.4 billion in 2022.)

Mr. Neumann has sold at least four dwellings, for a total of over $40 million, since his ouster from WeWork.Calla Kessler for The New York Times

Last week, he dropped a bid to reacquire WeWork, which had filed for bankruptcy reorganization last fall and whose stock price has tumbled more than 99.999 percent from its 2021 peak.

And now, for at least the third time, the Neumanns have listed their marquee New York City dwelling, a 6,630-square-foot, three-story-plus-rooftop perch atop a fortresslike apartment building that peers down at Gramercy Park. The asking price is $24,995,000.

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