As one of the oldest border towns in the United States, Laredo offers a fascinating blend of American and Mexican traditions, making it a destination for visitors and a treasure trove of interesting tidbits for locals. From its origins as a Spanish colonial settlement to its status as a modern-day hub of commerce and culture, Laredo boasts a plethora of quirky, facts that highlight its distinctive character and enduring legacy. In this Redfin article, we’ll dive into 5 interesting facts about Laredo so you can get a feel for the city.

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Quick Facts about Laredo

Median home sale price $230,000
Average monthly rent $1,241
Walk Score 87/100
Bike Score 54/100

1. Laredo is one of the oldest crossing points between the U.S. and Mexico

Laredo established in 1755, is one of the oldest crossing points between the United States and Mexico, serving as a vital gateway for centuries. Its strategic location on the Rio Grande has made it a crucial hub for trade, culture, and migration, fostering a unique blend of American and Mexican influences.

2. Laredo is named after a city in Spain

Laredo was named after the coastal city of Laredo in Spain, reflecting the deep Spanish colonial roots that have shaped the area. Founded in 1755 by Tomás Sánchez, the city carries a legacy of its European namesake in its architecture and cultural traditions.

3. The city has one of the largest annual international trade fairs in the nation

The city hosts one of the largest annual international trade fairs in the nation, attracting businesses and visitors from across the globe. The Laredo International Fair and Exposition showcases a wide array of products, services, and cultural exhibits, fostering significant economic and cultural exchange.

4. George Washington’s birthday is a big deal

In Laredo, George Washington’s birthday is celebrated with unparalleled enthusiasm, marking one of the city’s most significant annual events. The month-long Washington’s Birthday Celebration includes a variety of festivities such as the vibrant Jalapeño Festival, the elaborate Princess Pocahontas Pageant, and the grand International Bridge Ceremony that symbolizes the friendship between the U.S. and Mexico.

5. Laredo used to be an army camp

During World War I, Laredo was transformed into an army camp, known as Camp Laredo, to support the U.S. military efforts. The camp housed more than 10,000 troops and was established to train soldiers and serve as a staging area for troops heading to the front lines. This period marked a significant chapter in Laredo’s history, reflecting its ongoing strategic importance and contribution to national defense.

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