With spring right around the corner, it’s common for people to start thinking about spring cleaning. It can be hard to figure out what to keep, what to throw away, or where to even begin. With so much to do, spring cleaning can quickly become overwhelming. Thankfully, you can rely on this apartment spring cleaning checklist from Redfin to get your space right. 

Whether you’re trying to clean up your apartment in Tacoma, WA or just started renting a house in Milwaukee and want to figure out how to keep your space spotless and organized, we asked professionals for their insights on all the boxes you need to check to make it happen.

Before you start

Before you begin your apartment cleaning journey, it’s important to prep the area and consider your game plan. Professional cleaner Guldeste Tursunbaeva of Superb Maids Charlotte, says “Before you start, open all the blinds and curtains and open the windows to let the fresh air and light in. It allows you to see everything better and airs out the space.” 

Amanda Jones of Little Layla’s Housekeepers also notes that a good rule of thumb is to start  from top to bottom when cleaning your apartment, such as starting with countertops before moving on to the floor. 

1. Bedroom

As you usher in the spring season, start with your bedroom. Change and wash your bedsheets, flip and rotate the mattress for even wear, and vacuum underneath the bed to eliminate dust. Take the time to dust all surfaces, wipe down furniture with a damp cloth, and ensure mirrors and windows sparkle for a brighter atmosphere. Don’t forget to declutter and organize your closet, making space for the upcoming season’s wardrobe.

“Rid your bedroom of dust by using a duster for maximum dust collection on all surfaces, including ceiling fan blades, baseboards, and behind furniture,” says Superb Maids Miami. “This ensures a thorough clean, promoting a fresher and healthier space for restful nights.”

“If you have pets that sleep in the bed with you, consider using a flat sheet on top of your comforter,” adds Kelly from Happy House Cleaning, a Madison, WI based cleaning company. These are easier to throw in with a load of laundry and won’t require you to remove the duvet. 

2. Living Room

Bring a breath of fresh air into your living space by focusing on key areas. Begin by vacuuming upholstery and spot-treating any stains on furniture. Dust and polish wooden surfaces, rotating and fluffing cushions for a renewed appearance. Wipe down your electronics, organize cords, and clean remote controls as you go. Lastly, refresh your windows and curtains—wash or dry-clean curtains–and ensure windows are crystal clear for an unobstructed view.

 “Infuse your living space with radiant energy by strategically rearranging furniture to optimize natural light exposure,” recommends Rafael from Onix Cleaning Services. “Swap heavy drapes for sheer curtains, allowing sunlight to dance freely, while integrating mirrors strategically to amplify brightness and create an uplifting ambiance.”

wiping down countertop with paper towel

3. Kitchen

Revitalize the heart of your home by deep-cleaning key areas. Scrub and disinfect appliances, including the microwave, oven, and refrigerator. Wipe down small appliances, such as the toaster and blender, and clean the stovetop and oven hood. Turn your attention to cabinets and the pantry, decluttering and organizing while wiping down surfaces. Finish with a thorough cleaning of countertops, sink, and garbage disposal for a pristine kitchen environment.

“Most new ovens are self-cleaning, but you need to be aware that using caustic oven cleaners can ruin the enamel of the oven and will possibly cause damage,” says Morris McRae, president of Maids on a Mission, Inc., a San Antonio area cleaning company.

Kit Cody, owner of Portland-based Cleaning Crew, shares another trick to making your oven sparkle. “To start, you’ll need two things — oven cleaner, and a pumice stone,” says Cody. “Remove the grates from the oven, spray the interior with oven cleaner, and let it sit for about 15 minutes. Then wipe it out with paper towels. Next, wet the pumice stone and rub vigorously on all the baked-in grease spots that the oven cleaner couldn’t remove. Finally, spray the interior with water and wipe it down with a rag or paper towel.”

“To help clean out microwaves that become filled with baked on splatters and spills, just put a cup of water inside combined with a household solvent like vinegar or lemon juice, turn the microwave on high until the solution boils, and then simply wipe it up.

4. Bathroom

Give your bathroom a spa-like feel by focusing on cleanliness and organization. Deep-clean shower tiles and grout, disinfect the tub, and wash shower curtains or replace liners. Pay special attention to the toilet and vanity—scrub and disinfect these areas thoroughly. Wipe down vanity surfaces, clean mirrors, and declutter cabinets to create a serene and clutter-free space. Don’t forget to replace towels, wash linens, and ensure bath mats are in good condition.

Celicia Byington, owner of Earth Home Eco Cleaning, provides some environmentally friendly advice for keeping your bathroom fresh and clean. “Mix Castile soap, water, and essential oils for an all-purpose cleaner. Scrub surfaces with dish soap, baking soda, and a sponge. Use microfiber cloths for dust and spills. Don’t forget light fixtures and ventilation fans. Finish with a few drops of essential oil on your toilet paper roll and a beeswax candle for a fresh, serene atmosphere.”

Raul Jurca, general manager of Flying Prince House Cleaning in the Boston, MA area, suggests utilizing and organizing cabinets, minimizing the number of items on the bathroom counter, and keeping a microfiber cloth handy to clean the mirror.

shirts hanging in a closet

5. Closets

Bring a sense of order to your closets by decluttering and organizing. Assess your clothing and accessories, parting with items you no longer need through donation or sale. Reorganize shelves and storage bins, ensuring everything has its designated place. Take the time to vacuum and clean closet floors, creating a fresh and inviting space for your wardrobe.

“When you set about spring cleaning your closet, think of it as a complete reset versus just a “cleaning,” says Kris Nevers of A Boise Clean Pro. “Take everything out and put it on your bed. The action of doing this will give you ideas about what you want to keep and a reality check about how much stuff you’ve managed to accumulate. After everything is out, clean the closet. Use an extension duster to get all the cobwebs. Then use a microfiber and simple glass cleaner or a drop of dish soap in a spray bottle filled with water to damp wipe all your shelves and wipe out the drawers. Use melamine foam and your cleaning solution to clean shoe scuffs from drawer fronts and shelves where shoes are stored.”

6. Additional Areas

Extend your spring cleaning to additional areas of your home for a comprehensive refresh. Begin with the entryway—clean doormats, wipe down furniture, and declutter shoes and accessories. Pay attention to air vents and filters, dusting and replacing filters for improved air quality. Finish by cleaning and dusting light fixtures, replacing any burnt-out bulbs to brighten up your living spaces. These additional steps will contribute to a thorough and rejuvenating spring cleaning experience.

Albuquerque-based D’Aaron’s Housekeeping advises that renters keep their entryways clean to help promote a clean environment throughout the rest of your apartment.

General apartment spring cleaning and organizing advice

“Clutter can make a clean apartment look messy,” says Yvette Reyes of Maid for Kings Cleaning Service LLC. “Our number one tip we give our clients before conducting a spring cleaning is to purge one item, in one room, one day at a time. This goes for clothes inside your closet, dishes, small appliances, pots, pans in your kitchen, or trinkets in your living room. One item, one room, one day at a time will ease any anxiety for anyone trying to do spring cleaning. There is no price on having peace of mind knowing your apartment is cleaned and organized.” 

Tidy Up Portland CEO Ruby Sparks suggests asking yourself if you’ve used an item in the past year or if you’d buy it again when figuring out whether you should keep something. If you haven’t, then maybe it’s time to get rid of it

In the process of replacing the old with the new, be on the lookout for opportunities to save. “The nice thing about spring cleaning your closet a little early is that you have time to watch for sales and take advantage of them as you shop for replacement items,” says  Alicia Schreiner of The Nested Method. “Make sure to keep that list handy, as you might walk into a store and find out they’re having a sale.”

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