We all know that we should be out there shooting videos to help our businesses grow. In fact, both short-form and long-form videos are everywhere online and on social media.

Producing video content is no longer optional. However, many agents struggle with choosing the types of videos they should produce. In this article, you’ll find 15 fresh video content ideas that are working right now.

1. Talking head videos

Talking head videos are ideal for microlearning. These videos are very popular on social media, and they are typically broken down into two formats.

The first format is an agent looking directly into the camera to give a market update, a tip on buying a home, or even ideas on what to do before listing a home for sale. These videos are focused on adding value to potential clients, and the more educational and entertaining they are, the better they will perform.

The second format is a podcast format where the camera is set at an off-center angle. It records a conversation between two or more people or an interview. These often have podcast microphone setups, and you might even see headphones on the person talking due to it being a video of a podcast interview.

These videos give the feel of listening in on a conversation or interview. The engagement increases when these videos cover topics of interest for your audience, whomever that might be for you.

This is an example of a talking head video by an agent.

2. Green screen videos

Green screen videos are performing extremely well on Instagram right now. If you aren’t familiar with these, they are the videos you see where someone has an article as the backdrop for their video where they discuss the article. 

The process for the green screen video starts with finding an article you believe your ideal client will find interesting or valuable. Take a screenshot of the article on your iPhone by pressing the side button and your volume-up button at the same time. Quickly release both buttons, and you will have your screenshot. 

The next step is to click the bottom Reels button on your app, then the camera icon in the top right corner on the next screen. Click on the three stars (effects button) and choose the green screen as the effect. If the green screen doesn’t show up, enter it into the search, and it will immediately appear.

After clicking on the green screen, click on Change Background, where you can choose camera roll and select your saved screenshot. Now, you’re ready to record by pressing and holding down the round bottom at the bottom of the screen in the center. Hit Next and complete the process just as you would with any other video for an Instagram Reel.

These videos are generating amazing results right now, and this is an example of one that stands out from the crowd.

3. Compounding your content by breaking down long-form videos

Longer-form videos like home tours or “listicle” videos with titles like “7 reasons people love living in your city” can easily be broken down into multiple short-form videos with a tool like Opus.Pro. Opus.Pro provides AI technology that will take your longer videos, and in seconds, their artificial intelligence will break them into multiple short-form videos with captions and automatic screen changes.

If you’re paying a videographer to shoot professional videos for you about neighborhoods, listing videos, or any longer form content, don’t miss this easy opportunity to turn these into easily shareable Instagram Reels, TikToks or YouTube Shorts.

4. Ways to get the lowest interest rate

There is no subject that is being discussed more than interest rates in real estate now. One of the main reasons buyers say they are delaying the purchase of a home is higher interest rates. This video gives you the ability to provide them with solutions.

If you aren’t sure what to say, utilize the following ChatGPT prompt to help you develop a script:

Act as a video content specialist for real estate agents and provide me with a video script on strategies real estate buyers can utilize to reduce the mortgage rate on a home they intend to purchase. Please include as one of the strategies working with a professional real estate agent who can introduce them to the best lenders.

5. Wondering what you get for $500K in [your city]

These videos are generating a lot of engagement right now. The format is simple, and it starts with a selfie video in front of a home with an introduction like, “Wondering what $500,000 will get you in [your city or a certain neighborhood]? Let’s check it out.”

Next, do a walkthrough of the home with a voiceover that shares the features of the home and the surrounding area. Editing these videos in an app like CapCut can turn a quick walkthrough video into a professional piece of content with little effort.

This is an example of one of these videos.

6. Videos sharing interesting facts about your area

Your content shouldn’t be completely about real estate. Mixing in content about your community is a great way to provide value and expand your audience. If you aren’t sure what to share, simply Google little-known facts about [your city].

7. Frequently asked questions videos

If you’re asked a question more than three times, odds are it would make a great video. Here are a few common topics for these types of videos:

  1. How’s the real estate market?
  2. Is now a good time to buy, or should I wait?
  3. Is spring really the best time to list my house for sale?

8. New subdivision overviews

Due to being new, the latest built subdivisions in your area offer a unique opportunity to position yourself at the top of searches on YouTube. These videos should include an overview of the number of homes, the sizes of the homes and the amenities of the neighborhood. As a bonus, drone footage adds another layer of professionalism.

This is an example of a new development video that has produced over $2 million in sales volume in less than six months.

9. Quality listing videos

You’ve done the hard work of generating a listing. Now go the extra step and invest in a professional listing video. Not only will it help you sell the home, but it is also a way to show other homeowners how you provide professional marketing for your listings, which leads to more listing opportunities.

This is an example of a professional listing video.

10. Videos providing information about local schools

One of the biggest questions families have about a city they are considering moving to is the schools. Create videos where you provide an overview of the schools. These videos position you as the resource for all the needed information about your community.

These videos are a great way to provide video content that attracts potential buyers early in their homebuying process.

11. Floor plan tours of properties or tract-built neighborhoods

Tract-built neighborhoods are developments where a group of similar floor plans are built in a specific neighborhood. Many times, these are developments from national builders where they have an onsite sales team that works for the builder, and the sales team moves on to the next development once the sale of all the new homes in that neighborhood is completed.

This creates an opportunity for an agent to become the neighborhood expert once resales begin. Shooting videos that show the floor plans available and the amenities of the neighborhood position you as the agent of choice for that neighborhood.

12. The 3 most popular neighborhoods in [your city]

These are videos where you provide details, amenities, and any relevant information about three popular neighborhoods in your city. They are great lead capture videos for buyer prospects and potential listings in these neighborhoods.

13. Videos highlighting the pros and cons of living in the area

A title for this type of video that will create click-throughs might be “3 Things People Love and Hate About Living in [Your City].” An example of what we might include for a video like this for the area where I live (along the coast in Northwest Florida) would include things like people hate how hot it is in the summer, but they love the fact that we have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world with crystal clear water to cool down in.

These titles are very clickable and build bridges to other videos you might have as well.

14. 7 things to consider before buying in [your city]

This is another topic-based video targeting buyer prospects. As with all these topic-based videos, if you aren’t sure what to talk about, use a prompt like the following in ChatGPT to generate ideas for your video:

Act as a video script expert who understands how to write compelling video content for prospective real estate buyers. Provide an SEO-optimized YouTube video script highlighting 7 things buyers should consider before buying in [Your City].

15. 5 secrets for selling your home in [your city] for the highest price and in the least amount of time

This type of video creates curiosity for anyone considering selling their home soon. As with the others, if you are struggling to find the right words, utilize ChatGPT.

The agent that produces the most compelling and consistent content will thrive in 2024 and in the coming years. Why can’t that agent be you?

Jimmy Burgess is the CEO for Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Beach Properties of Florida in Northwest Florida. Connect with him on Instagram and LinkedIn.

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