Luxury agent and new Inman contributor Beckie Nielsen offers insight on making client service more personal, more meaningful and, ultimately, more effective.

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It’s no secret that real estate, and more specifically luxury real estate, is a business of relationships. The truth is that for every potential buyer, a myriad of agents would jump to help them.

What will set you apart is how you cultivate friendships outside of business, and this process can take years to bring to fruition.

My journey with a particular set of clients began with a simple inquiry from out of state nearly six years ago. They were relocation buyers seeking guidance in navigating the booming San Diego housing market from halfway across the country. Little did I know this initial connection would turn into a lasting friendship.

New heights

Over several months, including multiple phone conversations and cross-country flights, I showed them the intricacies of the San Diego real estate landscape. This process wasn’t just about finding them a house; it was about finding the perfect neighborhood, the right schools and, ultimately, the ideal home where their family could thrive in this next chapter.

After five months of diligent searching, we finally found the perfect house they could call their own.

As the years passed, our professional relationship evolved into a genuine friendship. It became clear that they appreciated the level of care and dedication I poured into each client interaction.

Making waves

About a year ago, my friends reached out to me again, this time with a new dream: a beachfront home where their family could create lasting memories year-round. Patience was key as we waited for the perfect opportunity, never compromising on their ultimate vision.

After consistent searching and unwavering dedication, we found it — the quintessential beachfront oasis they had been dreaming of, located in La Jolla.

This transaction is one of the biggest of my career. It is the fourth-highest sale in San Diego County since February 2023 and the highest sale in La Jolla since May 2023.

Reflecting on this experience, I realize that my role in real estate transcends mere transactions. It’s about building genuine connections, understanding individual needs and fostering trust that extends far beyond the confines of a contract. The satisfaction of helping clients achieve their dreams is immeasurable, but the friendships forged along the way are truly priceless.

Throughout this years-long connection, I’ve cultivated relationships with my clients. Through this recent transaction, there are a few takeaways I’d like to share that will help as you navigate deals with clients:

1. Check in regularly

A monthly or quarterly check-in via text, phone call, dinner or coffee meeting will pay dividends in the long run. In the age of everyone’s busy lives taking over, clients appreciate the effort taken to keep in touch more than ever.

2. Make it personal

Purchasing a home is one of the most important decisions one will ever make. Not only is it a financial commitment but also a personal one. Get to know your clients as thoroughly as possible.

Learn their lifestyle and consider what will work best for them and their family when seeking a property. Are they avid car collectors? A showman’s garage will probably be at the top of their list. Do they love to entertain? A large kitchen, dining and outdoor entertaining space might be key.

Take the time to learn what makes them tick, and then tailor your approach to the buying process.

3. Tap into your brokerage’s ancillary services

Utilizing your brokerage’s suite of ancillary services, such as relocation, mortgage and escrow, can create a one-stop-shop when your clients come looking for any service related to the buying and selling process. This feather in your cap can be a crucial part of your real estate “arsenal” that keeps you prepared for anything clients may need.

As I continue my professional journey in real estate, I am reminded that it’s never just about buying and selling homes; it’s about enriching lives, one meaningful connection at a time — and for that, I am forever grateful.

 Beckie Nielsen is a luxury agent with The Agency in San Diego. Connect with her on Instagram.

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