The two organizations are involved in a pilot program in which Side teams, who are branded independently, can choose to work with the creative agency in building promotional videos for use across multiple marketing channels.

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Video production and marketing company Blended Sense is working on a new initiative in cooperation with Side, a national brokerage brand known for its unique team model, Inman has learned.

The two organizations are involved in a pilot program, a May 26 press release stated, in which Side teams, which are branded independently, can choose to work with the creative agency to build promotional video content for use across multiple marketing channels.


A partnership with Blended Sense aligns with Side’s “unbranded” approach, which allows teams to function like independent brokerages with their own names, logos and overall identity. Blended Sense’s growing national network of video content creators will be able to more fully realize a Side team’s vision, untethered to a strict brand standard.

Video has proven to be an effective means of distributing real estate content for agents and brokerages, especially through social media platforms. However, it’s long been a challenging medium for most agents to grasp, with both means of production and delivery escaping much of the industry. Blended Sense’s model is to remove the hurdles by handling it on behalf of the agent, and Side teams will be given unique access to the company’s creative energy.

The pilot program will provide a “bespoke menu of video content options that cater to the diverse needs of Side partners, ensuring each real estate business can effectively communicate its brand and value proposition,” the release stated.

Side CEO and co-founder Guy Gal is recognized for his take on part-time agents and legacy brands pulling down the overall value of what real estate agents provide, and his company’s approach requires attracting established market leaders and building markets around them. The company was initially fully remote with company staffers, “InSiders,” offering marketing and business support from any location to any market. That changed in 2023.

In a conversation with Inman in May last year, Side President Steve Capezza said the restructuring should bolster the sense of community among inSiders and the brokers and agents they work with.

“What we’re going to be doing is reorganizing ourselves to take a market-based approach,” Capezza said, adding that each local market has its own nuances. “In order to be successful in helping real estate professionals grow their business, we’ve got to understand that nuance.”

Side members can book Blended Sense professionals to trail them at conferences, capture local event participation or build them a longer-form company production. Every project will be branded and integrated where possible.

It also provides pricing unique to the partnership and will offer content for publishing in multiple campaign types, from recruitment efforts to sales announcements.

“We are thrilled to partner with Side to bring the power of video to every aspect of real estate business operations,” said Albert Baez, CEO and co-founder of Blended Sense, in a statement. “This pilot program is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing Side partners with the tools they need to succeed in today’s brutally competitive market.”

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