After surviving wartime and a city under siege, find out how team leader Senada Adžem built an award-winning real estate business.

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Prior to earning her BA in International Business and MBA in Real Estate Development, Senada Adžem endured the harrowing Siege of Sarajevo and the Bosnian War.

As a teenager, Adžem and her family fled their once-idyllic homeland in Eastern Europe as conflict erupted. Trapped in Sarajevo for nearly four years amidst the siege, she braved daily sniper attacks to procure water and provisions for her family. Nights were spent seeking refuge in the basements of buildings amidst mortar fire, and Adžem narrowly escaped death, an experience that instilled in her a fearlessness and a deep appreciation for life’s possibilities.

The resourcefulness, intuition, diligence and perseverance Adžem used to survive during the war form the foundation of her brand, The Senada Adžem Team. She and her team represent prestigious properties across the region, particularly in South Florida. Their elite clientele ranges from sports figures and celebrities to top executives from global corporations.

Name: Senada Adžem

Title: Founder and president

Experience: 22 years

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Team Name: The Senada Adžem Team at Douglas Elliman

Ranking: No. 12 in Florida according to Real Trends

Sales volume: $184,126,823 in 2023, $222,000,0000 2024 YTD, $2.5 billion in career sales

Awards: Pinnacle Award Winner at Douglas Elliman from 2012 to 2023

How did you get your start in real estate?

My start came through working with Trump International in 2002. To me, real estate transcends mere property transactions. It’s about far more than closing deals. When you’ve experienced fleeing your childhood home under cover of darkness and enduring years without basic freedoms, the concept of “home” takes a new meaning.

My role is to assist clients in finding their sanctuary, their haven — a space where they feel safe and truly at ease. Real estate isn’t simply a profession for me; it’s deeply personal.

How did you choose your current brokerage?

I joined Elliman in 2012, because of the company’s leadership, culture and global focus. The Elliman platform grants us invaluable insight into luxury markets where our discerning clients reside.

This, in turn, enables The Senada Team to craft a tailored, seamless, concierge-level approach for clients transitioning to South Florida from all over the world. It allows us to swiftly grasp their lifestyle preferences, priorities, and property requirements. Through our partnership with Knight Frank, we’ve successfully assisted clients worldwide.

What do you wish more people knew about working in real estate?

Success requires growth, hard work and constant innovation. Embrace teamwork and seek out a group or team that aligns with your strengths and values as an agent. Additionally, recognize and have confidence in the unique skills and qualities you bring to the table.

Tell us about a high point in your career

I consider myself to be at the pinnacle in my career journey. Achieving this success wasn’t instantaneous; it resulted from years of dedicated effort and unwavering discipline. With an exceptional team by my side, we’ve achieved remarkable milestones together, fueling my anticipation for the exciting prospects that lie ahead.

What makes a good leader?

Leadership is best demonstrated through action; a single individual can spark meaningful change. In my view, a strong leader is someone who inspires and uplifts others while offering unwavering support. I’m passionate about fostering empowerment and providing wholehearted backing to my team and everyone in my sphere.

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