In the heart of New England, New Hampshire is a tapestry of natural beauty and quaint towns steeped in history and tradition. From the serene lakes to the majestic White Mountains, the Granite State offers a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whether you’re curious about the charm the small towns in New Hampshire hold, or perhaps considering buying a home in New Hampshire, you’ve landed in the right spot. In this Redfin article, we’ll journey through 7 of New Hampshire’s enchanting small towns. Each town not only showcases the state’s beauty but also its commitment to preserving a sense of community and tradition. Let’s get started.

1. Hanover, NH

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Home to Dartmouth College, Hanover offers a blend of academic and outdoor activities. The town boasts numerous trails for hiking and biking, alongside the Connecticut River for kayaking and fishing enthusiasts. Cultural events are abundant, with college-related performances and community gatherings enriching local life.

2. Exeter, NH

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Homes for sale in Exeter, NH | Apartments for rent in Exeter, NH

Exeter is known for its rich history and the prestigious Phillips Exeter Academy. The town center is lined with historic buildings, unique shops, and eateries. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the Swasey Parkway for leisurely walks and the annual American Independence Festival that celebrates Exeter’s role in the American Revolution.

3. Hampton, NH

Median Sale Price: $440,000
Homes for sale in Hampton, NH | Apartments for rent in Hampton, NH

Hampton is famed for its beautiful beaches, particularly Hampton Beach, which draws visitors for sunbathing, swimming, and the annual sand sculpture competition. The town’s boardwalk offers entertainment, shops, and seafood eateries. Seasonal festivals add to the charm, making Hampton a beloved spot for both residents and tourists.

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4. Durham, NH

Median Sale Price: $545,000
Homes for sale in Durham, NH | Apartments for rent in Durham, NH

As the home of the University of New Hampshire, Durham is a lively college town with an exciting spirit. The town offers a variety of dining and shopping options, as well as access to the Great Bay for water activities. Community events, such as the UNH Wildcats games, bring residents together throughout the year.

5. Milford, NH

Median Sale Price: $367,500
Homes for sale in Milford, NH | Apartments for rent in Milford, NH

Milford, known as “The Granite Town,” has a quaint downtown area with a classic New England feel. The Oval, the town’s central square, hosts various community events, including the annual Pumpkin Festival. Milford’s mix of natural beauty and historic architecture makes it a charming place to live or visit.


6. Amherst, NH

Median Sale Price: $846,000
Homes for sale in Amherst, NH | Apartments for rent in Amherst, NH

Amherst is celebrated for its well-preserved historic district and the annual July 4th festivities that draw crowds from across the state. The town’s Baboosic Lake offers recreational opportunities, from swimming to kayaking. The closeness of Amherst’s community is evident in its local farmers’ market and the numerous volunteer-driven events held year-round.

7. Hooksett, NH

Median Sale Price: $515,000
Homes for sale in Hooksett, NH | Apartments for rent in Hooksett, NH

Hooksett offers a mix of suburban living and natural landscapes, with easy access to both Manchester and Concord. The town’s Robie’s Country Store, a historic site, symbolizes Hooksett’s rich history. Outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the local hiking trails and the Merrimack River for fishing and boating activities.

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