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Pot it Like it’s Hot: Best Plants for Apartments

Houseplants are a great way to bring nature inside, but some apartment-dwellers may find it difficult to find the perfect plants for their space. Since some apartments have minimal natural light and square footage, it’s important to know which plants are resilient enough to survive in that environment. In order to help renters with this,

By |2022-03-24T09:51:28-07:00March 23rd, 2022|MarketWatch|

Why a Sewer Scope Inspection is Essential for Homebuyers

A standard home inspection provides valuable insights on the current condition of a home – but it can’t always tell the whole story. If you’re planning on buying a home, especially one built over 20 years ago, you should consider investing in a sewer scope inspection. A sewer scope inspection will reveal any issues in

By |2022-03-11T08:50:55-08:00March 10th, 2022|MarketWatch|

Real Estate and Cryptocurrency: Can You Buy a House with Bitcoin?

From increased competition to low mortgage rates, the real estate market has undergone substantial changes in the past decade. One of the most significant changes is the payment method homeowners are using to purchase new homes. A recent Redfin report found that one in nine first-time homebuyers saved for their down payment by selling cryptocurrency

By |2022-03-05T08:51:02-08:00March 4th, 2022|MarketWatch|
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